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From mealtimes to vaccines and everything in between, this information will help you establish routines for the day to day needs of your child.

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Special considerations when buying toys for children with special needs.

Establishing Services

Establishing Services

Don't know where to start? Overwhelmed by all the acronyms? Learn how to navigate the system of care and tips on preparing for IEPs.

Meet Our Experts

Meet Our Experts

Our panel of experts combine medical and therapeutic perspectives with years of experience working passionately alongside famiiles and children with special needs.

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Tools & Resources

A library of resources, reference links and easy to print guidelines for you to post on the fridge and share with others!

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This section is devoted to our amazing moms. It's ok, in fact we encourage you to laugh and develop goals for YOURSELF! Share your secrets of sanity and be encouraged to take time for you! In the News

Stories, interviews or video featuring and its experts. If you are a member of the media interested in, visit our Press Releases to learn more

December 2012

Caring Santa: Calm visit for special-needs kids
The Orange County Register 12/02/2012

Lehigh Valley Mall hosts "Caring Santa" event
WFMZ-TV Channel 69

'Caring Santa' for kids with special needs
WJXT News 4 12/02/2012

Caring Santa for Kids with Special Needs
KTSM Channel 9 News 12/02/2012

Caring Santa visits Austin children
KXAN 12/02/2012

Caring Santa
Fox7 News 12/02/2012

Caring Santa Trip 12/02/2012

November 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus for Kids with Special Needs

Parents Magazine 11/29/2012

March 2011

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: Bullying and Special Needs
University of Oregon 3/2/2011

Week 9: Lifetime Mom Beth Feldman Talks about the Bullying of Disabled Kids
Examiner New York 3/2/2011

5 Ways to Protect Your Special Needs Child from Bullies
Parenting Squad 3/2/2011

'Glee' Star Lauren Potter on the 'R' Word: Enough is Enough
Entertainment Tonight 3/7/2011

Change: It's not just 'Right,' it's Achievable
Special Olympics Blog 3/10/2011

February 2011

Report Reveals Silent Epidemic of Bullying Against Children with Special Needs
CNBC 2/15/2011

Doing Nothing is Not an Option
Huffington Post 2/15/2011

Report Reveals Silent Epidemic of Bulling Against Children with Special Needs
Yahoo 2/15/2011

'Glee' Actress Lauren Potter Leads 'Disable Bullying' Campaign for AbilityPath
Examiner 2/15/2011

Report Reveals Silent Epidemic of Bullying Against Children with Special Needs 
PR Newswire 2/15/2011

Campaign Targets the Bullying of Children with Special Needs 2/15/2011

Nationwide 'Disable Bullying' Campaign Launched
CBS San Francisco 2/15/2011

"Disable Bullying" Campaign
KTLA 2/15/2011

San Mateo County Group Fights Bullying of Special-Needs Students
Mercury News and San Mateo County Times 2/15/2011

San Mateo County Group Fights Bullying of Special-Needs Students 
Contra Costa Times 2/15/2011

'Glee' Star: Stop Bullying Kids with Disabilities
San Mateo Daily Journal 2/15/2011

Report Reveals Epidemic of Bullying Against Special Needs Children 
Campus Safety 2/15/2011

Special Needs Kids Bullied More Often 2/15/2011

'Glee actress Lauren Potter leads 'Disable Bullying' Campaign for AbilityPath
TV Examiner 2/15/2011

Report Reveals Silent Epidemic
Sacramento Bee 2/15/2011

Bullying and Special Needs: A silent epidemic
Dallas Morning News 2/15/2011

The Bullying Epidemic
Precinct Report 2/15/2011

The Truth About Special Needs Bullying
Special Olympics Blog 2/15/2011

Online Hub Reports Children with Special Needs are Victims of Nationwide Silent Epidemic of Bullying
The Medical News 2/16/2011

San Mateo County Group Fights Bullying of Special-Needs Students
Inside Bay Area 2/16/2011

Battling Back Against Bullies
CNN Good Morning 2/17/2011

'Disable Bullying' Campaign
ABC Good Morning America Health 2/17/2011

Glee Star Lauren Potter to Help "Disable Bullying" Campaign 2/19/2011

Students with Disabilities Often Targeted by Bullies
Education Week 2/22/2011

Glee's Lauren Potter: I am still bullied for being different
People 2/22/2011
Video: Disable Bullying, Says Disabled "Glee" Actor
This Week in Education 2/25/2011

December 2010

2010 Top Ten Toys for Tykes 12/1/2010

Featured Site of the Day 12/3/2010

Real Tips to Thrive During The "Holiday Frenzy" of Children With Special Needs
NewsBlaze 12/17/2010

Surviving the Holiday Cheer and Fear
Moscow Villager 12/21/2010

November 2010

Top Ten Toys to Buy Online for Children with Special Needs
USA Today 11/29/2010

Top Ten Toys to Buy Online for Children with Special Needs 11/30/2010

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