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Health & Daily Care

From mealtimes to vaccines and everything in between, this information will help you establish routines for the day to day needs of your child.

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Special considerations when buying toys for children with special needs.

Establishing Services

Establishing Services

Don't know where to start? Overwhelmed by all the acronyms? Learn how to navigate the system of care and tips on preparing for IEPs.

Meet Our Experts

Meet Our Experts

Our panel of experts combine medical and therapeutic perspectives with years of experience working passionately alongside famiiles and children with special needs.

Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

A library of resources, reference links and easy to print guidelines for you to post on the fridge and share with others!

Love, Laugh & Live


This section is devoted to our amazing moms. It's ok, in fact we encourage you to laugh and develop goals for YOURSELF! Share your secrets of sanity and be encouraged to take time for you!

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Helping special-needs young adults transition from school to work takes commitment, communication

High-school and college graduations are exciting milestones for parents of neurotypical young adults. For parents of young adults with disabilities and special needs, however, the accomplishment can lead to anxiety, discomfort and the daunting task of facilitating transitions to the working world.

This uneasiness certainly is well-founded; while everyday transitions for young adults with disabilities and special needs can be challenging, monumental life changes have the potential to be downright cataclysmic. Thankfully, parents don’t have to endure the process alone. The following tips are our inside look at making things easier.

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